Black Kiss with Whores Lebanon: Advice

Are you looking for whores Lebanon Escorts to practice the black kiss? Have not you tried it yet and it's one of your biggest fantasies? Do you know him and want to improve your technique? Then you can not miss our advice to give a very pleasant black kiss. Ready to enjoy?


The black kiss is one of the services that most request to the whores Lebanon. Despite this, it remains one of the great taboos of our century. There are very few people who dare to recognize that they have practiced it or even talk about it. For those who are a little lost, the black kiss or analingus is a sexual practice that consists of stimulating the anus with the mouth, licking it or sucking it.

Because it is still a taboo practice, many people turn to Lebanon whores to practice the black kiss either because of it is one of their erotic fantasies, because they want to live a new experience or because they do not dare to propose it in a sexual relationship.

It is time to talk about the black kiss without any prejudice! Analingus is one of the most pleasurable sexual practices we can prove. Thanks to the innumerable nerve endings of the anus, its correct stimulation will allow us to experience an extreme pleasure. As if this were, it is an excellent preliminary for anal sex, as it stimulates, lubricates and relaxes the area, facilitating subsequent penetration. According to the Lebanon whores that collaborate with Beirut, is one of the preliminaries that most use in their sexual relationships.

Give it or receive it? Most men will completely refuse to receive it because they mistakenly believe that it would be a homosexual practice. Both men and women can enjoy the black kiss equally.

Determined to overcome taboos? Then you just need to take a look at the tips we bring you today and look for someone to practice it with. If the first time you try the black kiss you want to do it with a professional, you can have a look at the Lebanon whores that collaborate with us, most of them usually receive it and others also offer to give it.


When it comes to enjoying the Black Kiss, whether, with Lebanon whores or not, it is important to keep in mind the following recommendations:

·         Caring for hygiene: Good hygiene of the area of ​​the anus is essential for the analingus to be a success. A good idea that the whores Lebanon always recommend to their clients is to do it in the shower. It is not recommended to use soap since in addition to that, there could be remains and it would not be pleasant for the person doing it, it could irritate the area. Cleaning the anal area with warm water should suffice.

·         Epilating the anus: It is recommended although not mandatory to remove the area a few days before carrying out the black kiss.

·         Start with other preliminaries: If you have never tried it, it is best to start the sexual relationship with other preliminaries such as oral sex caresses ... the more excited you are, the more you will have to try the analingus.

·         Start with other preliminaries. If you have never tried it, it is best to start the sexual relationship with other preliminaries such as oral sex caresses ... the more excited you are, the more you will have to try the analingus.

·         Stimulating your partner's genitals manually while doing the black kiss can be very pleasurable for both of you.

·         There is no specific technique, but professionals such as the whores, Lebanon who collaborates with Beirut recommend: use the tongue to massage the area and make circular movements with the tongue around the anus. Those who want to go a little further can also penetrate slightly the year with the tip of the tongue.

What do you think of our tips for practicing the Black Kiss? Would you like to practice it with a luxury whore in Lebanon? Check out the Lebanon Escorts offering the service at Lebanon. If you decide to have an appointment with one of them, an unforgettable and very pleasant evening awaits you.