The Diary of a Luxury Lebanon Escort

We publish the personal interview with an Escort in Lebanon where she tells us her day to day, why a woman intends to work in this sector or what her goals are or with what purpose they do it.

In this interview with one of our Lebanon Escort (we will preserve her anonymity) she explains to us, her day to day and her way of seeing this sector so  and that the work of escort is actually one of the eldest trades of our era .

Fifteen years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Good, ask, I wanted to be many things at 10 years old, but what I liked the most was being a doctor or a lawyer

What is luxury prostitution?

Luxury prostitution, for me is my job or a commercial activity like any professional or business activity since it has all the actors that appear in any company or society, ie customers, suppliers, a financial consideration for having performed a service, and fruit of this commercial activity, there is an income to a certain account which favors to pay taxes, to pay the rent, the food, which and does not have to deny of it, favors the consumption and the creation of employment.

Many people will be thinking that it is not an economic activity or a job, what do you think?
Since the world exists, there is prostitution, and even in Arabic times it was considered normal and as usual it was not necessary to hide and at the entrances to Arabic theaters there were "Escorts". Being an Lebanon Escort is a job, the only thing that changes a little is the form of work, but also the players are considered workers, that if with another regime and with another salary and other work schedule.
Do you contribute to Social Security?
Yes, I quote from social security, but obviously not as an escort, I, like many, I quote Social Security as "employee of the home"

What requirements does a luxury Lebanon Escort have to have?

Not that there are a number of basic qualities, but an Lebanon Escort is a woman who must be very cultured and prepared, that is, you have to know everything about politics, economics, sports, heart should know how to behave in public and in private you should know speak well and in several languages ​​where English is essential and you should read the press every day. And above all, she must be single and never fraternize with the client.


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