She was my neighbor, became my friend and then we had…

There was a sense of thanks on Gary’s face.

It continued like this for a few days, till Fiza's – the Escort in Lebanon health was cured.

One day Garry told me that he has to go for an official tour for 10 days and I will take care of his house behind him.
I assured them and said - you be relaxed I will take of them for sure.
He left the next day.

I would occasionally go to their house and play with Kevin and continue to crack a joke with a laugh and talk to Fiza.

One day Escort Service Lebanon was on a holiday, so I went to Gary's house in the afternoon and started playing with Kevin as usual.
Then the Fiza said - You play with Kevin, till then I take bath.
And she went to the bathroom. I was very much willing that I should see Fiza bathing, but I was still hesitating.
Lebanon Escort
Lebanon Escort

In a while the bathroom door opened, my eyesight went rolling and I was surprised to see what I saw. Fiza came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped only. The scene there was just like Lebanon Escort Service.
The towel was trying unsuccessfully to cover his whole body. Her beautiful curves looked more than half from the towel, which she was trying to hide with his hand. Below, his fair white smooth legs were open to the thighs.

As soon as I was caught I became crazy. I was watching them, in fact, staring them without blinking.
Fiza came to me and asked with a smile- What are you looking at?
I shouted - nothing.
She - Lebanon Escort moved to the bedroom smiling.

After a while, the Fiza got out and sat down and talked about it.
When Kevin started crying, she took him in her arms and opened her dress and started feeding her, but she did not make any effort to hide her skin from me. I was looking at her white blonde curves.

Fiza started talking to me, in general, I also talked to her and sometimes my eyes used to go with her curves. I used to give Kevin a tap few times, but I did not have the courage to touch his cheek.

After a while, when Kevin fell asleep after drinking milk, she kept her assets inside the dress and went to the bedroom with Kevin. I also went to her Escorts Service Lebanon.

After cleaning the Kevin, the Fiza said, 'Just put a lotion on my head.
I brought lotion and started rubbing on her forehead.
Then the Fiza said - It looks very good, put a little bit on my back too.

They just said so and turned away. In my back, I put my hands in the blouse and started putting the lotion. I started to feel embarrassed, my emotions started to die and the pants started to feel numb.

At that time, she turned herself down and asked me to rub the lotion on her back.

I was stunned because of this, the two of them got too much to come out.Still, I took a little lotion and started putting it on her neck. Seeing her curves, my emotions were coming out like a fountain. I dared a little and moved my hand slightly down from her neck and started trying to touch his hitches. My mind was now trying to deceive, I was not able to control myself, I was having a lot of fun, I was thinking that I should take my Fiza in my arms and take full control on her.

That’s all for now. Will cover the best part in my next blog. Till keep banging…