She was my neighbor, became my friend and then we had…

My name is Rick. I am 19 years old. I liked the stories of romance in beds. I remember my story while reading such stories.

This incident happened 2 months ago from today, when I was preparing for the High School Exam in Lebanon. I used to live on the first floor in a one-room rental house. There was a set of two rooms on the same floor, in which one family running Lebanon Escort Service used to live. Mr. Garry and his wife Fiza were in that family and both of them had one-year old boy Mickey.

Garry used to work in a private company and Fiza was a Housewife. She used to take training sessions at the beginning or confronting those people when coming. Slowly, I started talking about Garry. His nature was very good. He also began to accept me as his younger brother and I also addressed him as brother.
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Garry invited me on the evening for the evening tea and then introduced me to hiswife who was a Lebanon Escort. In a few days we became friends. Sometimes, I used to make fun of his wife and she also used play jokes on me and then we all laugh out loud.

One day I saw that Garry and Fiza were coming from somewhere. It seemed to me that Fizawas not feeling well.

When I asked Garry, he told me that the business of Escorts Service Lebanon was getting worse in the last 4 weeks. The doctor had done some tests and after seeing the report, it has been told that there is high stress situation.

I felt very bad to know that he didn’t inform me in time. In the worst time, only neighbors can be helpful and you treat me like a brother.

On this, Garry said that today I was about to talk to you because I have not been able to go my office for the last 4 days due to her illness. You know how difficult it is to get a holiday in a private job. If you do not feel bad, then in the day you can take care of Fiza and the son and the business - Lebanon Escorts Services, it will be very helpful.

I said- What are you talking to brother, what is it to believe in bad or kindly? You feel free to go to duty. I will handle all.

Well, I kept taking care of his wife every way. When I reached the Escort Service Lebanon office, they would ask them the latest news. If you had to bring something out of the house then it would have been brought.
At the behest of sister-in-law, she would sometimes go to her house and play with the Girls. If I handled her carefully she used to do her regular work.

On the third day in the evening came Escort in Lebanon, I was still there.
She told them that I had helped a lot throughout the day, the business was also handled properly these days. If it does not happen then I would get bothered.

The story is a little long I will continue this in my next blog. Till then keep reading and enjoying your life.